Bringing My Mom into the World

In the project “Bringing my Mom into the World,” I am attempting to recreate the relationship with my mother who passed away when I was young. The project serves as an opportunity to highlight the woman, the mother in my life, and celebrate her and the love she gave me.

As I started the project and went through old pictures of my mom, I got the feeling that I didn’t know her. I want to ask her: Who were you? What dreams did you have in life? Were you happy? I wish I had asked questions when there was still time, but I was too young then.

In the project, I am trying to reconstruct the world of memories and emotions that we shared. It involves everyday moments – like watching children’s programs on TV together. But also more life-changing events, like her last letter to me. In my photos, I use self-portraits in period-appropriate settings and items that belonged to her.